GEOMETRIYA is our pioneer software which uses concepts of geometrical analysis for a type of scaling that we call Mitotic Scaling of charts.

The exclusiveness of this product is that:

1. It is the only software on which linear mitotic graphs can be plotted
2. Dream – 45 – one of our most valued concept which gives the scrip rate from which you get vertical rallies
3. Future date analyzer – you can know the dates of future trend changes in advance with the help of geometrical figures
4. Gaps and demand supply zone analyzer – this gives us an informed understanding of which scrip is due for rally
5. Squaring of range – Information regarding when the major moves on the scrips will start
6. All the concepts from the course content can be used on our software to give more accurate and informed information
7. At a glance you get trading day, calendar day, weekly and monthly charts on which your studies can be saved

Few unique tools of the Software


  • Fibonacci Lucas Arcs Trading System is a wonderful trading system in itself.
  • Initial swing needs to be adjusted in Fibonacci or Lucas time and then all the price and time levels are projected in future.
  • People who have been using it are now addicted to using this tool.

Fibonacci Vortex 180° rotated

  • This is a tool developed from the golden spiral.
  • It gives us a 180° rotation of spiral along with mirror image.
  • Timings of the major changes in trend can be easily calculated using this tool.

Star of David – Veil

  • This is a universal manifestation template widely known as Gann grid.
  • It shows us unique support levels and timings applied over a swing movement.

Overlay- Geometric series

  • This overlay uses expansion of the arc with the base of geometric expansion series.
  • Rules of trading of FLATS resembles to this overlay.

Fibonacci Vortex 120° rotated

  • This Vortex is also based on the golden spiral.
  • Here the spirals are separated by 120° giving us different levels and minor timing of changes in trend.

Metatron’s Cube

  • Also known as fruit of life.
  • This geometrical figure contains precise diagrams of five basic platonic solids, namely the Star Tetrahedron, Cube, Octahedron, Dodecahedron and Icosahedron, which can be effectively used to give us an overlay on charts.

Flower of Life

  • This figure forms a flower like pattern with the symmetrical structure of a hexagon.
  • It consists of seven or more overlapping circles.
  • Drunvalo Melchizedek has called these figures symbols of sacred geometry, asserting that they represent ancient spiritual beliefs, and that they depict fundamental aspects of space and time.

Fibonacci Vortex 72° rotated

  • This vortex again is emerged from golden spiral.
  • Here the spirals are separated by 72° and in all there are 5 basic spirals giving us circular motion of 360°.

Natural square calculator

  • It is a square of 9 calculator along with dates, extensively used by the legend W.D.Gann for his regular trading.
  • One of the spokes needs to be placed on important price turn and date of that price needs to be adjusted with the help of handle.
  • Future price and time levels are readily available.

Mirror Image Foldback

  • In this method we do foldback of image, where price converts to time and time converts to price, which is not visible to naked eyes.
  • With help of tools Mirror can be placed horizontal as well as vertical, giving us the future price and time points accurately.

Ratio Calculator

  • Ratio calculator is a unique tool wherein harmonic vibration of important low price are matched with unique price/time ratio and when ratio matches with mentioned low/high price, corresponding price is marked as important vibration of the said point.
  • Surprisingly it is found that scrip vibrates to such ratios.

Planetary Lines

  • We can plot geocentric planetary lines of all the planets in our solar system as overlay just like moving averages on calendar day chart. Here we have plane planetary lines as well as mirror planetary lines at a glance.
  • Mirror planetary line are calculated using 360° less actual degree position of the planet.

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