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Esoteric Geometrical Study of Stock Market

An Innovative way of Chart Scaling

Geometrical Analysis is a method of analyzing scrip movements. It is derived from GEOMETRY, the fundamental natural subject of mathematics. As Michael Faraday said “Nothing is too wonderful to be true, if it be consistent with the laws of nature.” Contrary to technical analysis, which most analysts perceive to be statistical analysis, they frequently overlook a graph’s geometrical features. Because it solely takes into account its linear character, it has constraints that have an impact on accuracy. Logarithmic graphs provide just a very limited amount of information from a geometric perspective. A well-known financial trader named W.D. Gann used geometrical overlays on a graph to obtain precise timing and price levels. This strategy addressed the drawbacks of employing logarithmic graphs, thus we employ the cutting-edge Mitotic Scaled Graph to unravel these enigmas. After comprehending the principle, which will open a whole new world of analytical trading, it is true what is claimed that – “A mind expanded by a novel encounter can never return to its previous dimensions.”
-Anand Kene (M.Com, C.M.A, C.F.P)
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